Monday 15 July 2013

20 steps from my door

Cousin Ray came to offer condolences for the passing of Freya Marcela Rodstrom, mother of my husband Dave my sister in law Laura, here from Ontario. We spent the day trying to follow family lineage, decipher old letters and remember stories of youth. Washed a couple of the vehicle while we had coffee and breakfast together.  Freya was the most kind and generous soul, regardless of what the world tossed her way.

Thursday 11 July 2013

20 steps from my door

Robin, first bird I hear in the mornings, about 3:40 these days. It seems I wait for them to start waking up and calling out to see who else made it through the night. First one chip far away then someone a little closer and soon a jungle chorus is playing outside my door. Everyone survived the dark, the predators the weather.
Time to get busy, survival for the next 16 hours is all about collecting bounty from the earth. No break, no vacation.
I admire them, their deep song and dance and thought I would capture robin with her head tilted ever so slightly, listening for breakfast to shout I'm here! When she found the pink little protein, I felt I had to paint this scene instead.
I pulled my Plein air box out of the van, and set up the easle right there as robins got busy, i got busy. Really happy with the energy put into this painting. I've tweeked it a bit since the photo but it is still fresh and lively.

Monday 27 May 2013

20 steps

20 Steps from my door

if I turn around at the door and point the camera inside, I find this vintage old chuck wagon lamp my daughter paid $45 for at an antique shop in Horsefly. She was 5 years old and had 5 chickens then, quite a little egg business going for herself. She eventually saved $1000 and put it in an RESP for College. She used it last year. wow how time flies.  looking to sell it for her now

Thursday 16 May 2013

20 steps from my door

20 steps from my door...

well this is actually taken just opening my door, the smaller much older cat Diesel is 21, we got her from the SPCA, she has moved out several times over her life time, When our first puppy Nahanni, a little ball of a black lab moved in,  later when one of the kids brought home a second kitten both joining the hectic family life,  Diesel found the tranquil retired life next door with my mom and dad and just visiting grandkids more to her liking.  She moved back in  with us back to Victoria 10 years ago, but when  we moved Freya into her new residence in a care home in Victoria and Dave's Dad moved onto our place, Diesel decided this was the place for her.  Nahanni eventually passed away at 16, a great family member for all, within a few years Jamie felt the need to adopt another dog in need, we found Halo under the free section of Used Victoria, Desiel watched as new dynamics formed with the crew.  Several years later, we lost two of our old time family members and friends,  shockingly Dave's Father Al passed away in early spring and within two months Hardy, our long time adopted family friend who also lived with us for over twenty years also passed.  Our two prospector, miner  and driller characters that have a million wild BC stories can sit around the campfire, drink those beers and bullshit til the cows come home.  But back to Diesel, she now had no choice but to move back in with us, which was and continues to be very hard for her because Kevin showed up, while  we  were away on a trip. Kevin is the second black cat in the photo, he follows and  haunts her, pounces and attacks her, this poor old tough girl, who was and still is  the runt of her litter holds her own every day. Look at that brat sitting behind her as she trys to get a bit of fresh air after breakfast today!!

Sunday 21 April 2013

20 steps from my door, a story.

20 steps from my door, bring me face to face with Halo 3, missed monday to post so here it is before the next monday rolls up.

I am happy I captured her before her demise, I have a small collection of faeries inside my home, and most have been captured in either a cage, cabinet or with a wee tiny string to keep them close by, This is not a strange thing to do, we have to do it with our dogs and cats, for their safety and the safety of others.  Well, as the story unfolds, somehow over the years this bright,  cleaver seemingly stationary imp managed to move to the realm of outdoors, but she was still contained to the sundeck. We find her basking in the warmth of a sunny spring day here, not that we have had as many as I would like, but May and June will be better for it.

Notice the Blue Spruce branch behind her, that came off a tree in the yard before Christmas and was adopted into the house as our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, piled with presents under a Corona tin bucket and enjoyed the crazy bustle of our family's libations. It is still full of color and life although it is jammed into a flower pot on the deck, maybe it has taken root?

So little Esmeralda has enjoyed various locations around the deck with views of the pond, forest or stood tall and welcoming at the top of the stairs literally doing her job for everyone until this spring. The sundeck was looking a little green, living in the middle of the forest, with branches and cones having been flung down throughout the all of winter's shenanagans, wind, rain, snow, rain and tree poo! The heavy and strange and loud pressure washer was lifted, carried and dragged with all its water hoses, wands, motor and cords like a large scary one armed monster up to the deck when one of its claws caught onto poor Esz's leg and spun her around like a child's wooden top, she teetered and crashed her last dance to the floor. Turned instantly into an inanament object, her free spirit sprang upwards into the tree tops to meet Douglas Fir. and they lived happily ever after.

Monday 15 April 2013

Amy Waldman-Smith - Lampworking Journal: "20 Steps From My Door"

Amy Waldman-Smith - Lampworking Journal: "20 Steps From My Door"

a challege put out by artistic friends...

Wow, when you think of it, there is so much to document 20 steps from your door, life and time, love and neglect, like my garden. But beauty in the camera's eye to share with who ever might find it interesting. I think the mini journey to venture outside for 20 steps is like an Easter egg hunt, so i will gladly play the child if only for a few minutes at a time.